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Thursday, 27 May 2010

The things children say.

We went to visit the twins other Grandma who they call Nanna. She has a big picture of The Titanic hanging on her lounge wall and it came under discussion which went something like this.
Daniel "Whats that Nanna"
Nanna "its a big ship that sank a long time ago"
James "You remember Daniel, it hit an ice cube".

What more can one say.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Communication, A skill, an art or a craft?

I have recently been a peripheral observer of someone in a serious marriage delemma almost wholly caused by complete lack of communication. I don't think this couple, who are now Senior Citizens, have ever communicated openly with each other. They edit and/or abridge everything they tell each other. She never tells him what she wants to, only what she thinks he wants to hear.
Watching these antics has made me question Communication.
For most of us it is a skill learnt at their parents knee and honed as we grow to adulthood. To authors, reporters, secretaries and others of that ilk the spoken word becomes their craft. For people like Politicians, speakers, etc., it is more often an art form. The real skill is in communicating with each other with openness and honesty to the point of clear understanding. That, I think, is a gift.