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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre Charity

Do go and view all the auction items on the above blog. All monies raised will go to the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre Charity. These items have been donated by careing crafters so you will be buying something that has been handmade with love and posted to you direct from the crafter who made it. It doesn't get much better than that.

Monday, 26 April 2010

The Lurgy

I have gone down with the "Lurgy" again, cough, sniff, sneeze, you name it I am doing it. So much for all the VitC and MultiVit tabs I have thrown down my throat this winter not to mention all the fresh fruit with it.
There have been several reports recently regarding the validity of this stuff and I am beginning to believe it so down the loo they all go and me back to the drawing board.
There must be an answer somewhere, this is the third time this season and it has long ceased to be acceptable.
Diet I hear you all shout. I consider I eat sensibly, not big on meat but lots of fish, eggs and cheese. Love veg of all kind. (And buscuits and cake). Drink lots of milk and water. Maybe a little short on excercise so will amend that one, the dog can go for two walks a day instead of the statutory one.
I spend a fair amount of time outdoors or in my greenhouse and try to avoid people-busy places when these germs are about.
Having said all that I am open to all suggestions except the one about being "Put down.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Local Council.

My neighbour a couple of doors down was outraged at the state of our pavements, she has only recently moved here. She was right to be angry, they are lethal. A fair smattering of people on invalid scooters ride this way and they are so uneven that one overturned a couple of months ago.
Well, she rallied a few of us together, canvassed the local Councillor and organised us to canvas the road (Over 400 houses) with petitions to sign. She did a great deal towards getting promises for repairs and traffic calming measures looked at.
For the last few days Council workmen have been working their way laboriously along this road repairing all the damaged pavements and today they reached our house. Whilst my hubby was chatting to them they received a phone call telling them to stop the job immediately and go elsewhere. The workmen explained to hubby that they would do us and next door and that would be it. Job finished.
Isn't it ironic and sad that the very person who worked tirelessly to get this work done was the very next house due to be done. I can't begin to imagine how she feels.


Well, the weekend went reasonably smoothly. The one thing that stands out was the Bar-B-Q. I decided that we would have one. We have a chimnier (don't know the correct spelling) It is a terracotta fire with a chimney. I always use wood on my Bar-B-Q's as it is in plentiful supply outside the back gate, so took the boys wood gathering. They were puzzled when I said what it was for but, nevertheless enjoyed collecting it all, it was a fun game. Time came to light the fire which I did in the usual way, paper, sticks and matches. They were absolutely mesmerised. Of course, they live in a very modern house, no fireplace. No garden for bonfires. etc., and were amazed when I proceeded to throw food into it. (Daddy has a nice clean gas one). Now they want to go sticking and have a Bar-B-Q everytime they come.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Busy Weekend

My Daughter and her husband are away this weekend on a mini cruise so we have their twin sons, 4 and their two cats - should be fun as one of the cats has never met our dog. The dog will be OK as she was brought up by cats and "knows her place". This could be interesting.
As the children are accompanying them on a cruise later this year they have told the boys that they are "Testing" it this weekend to make sure it is safe. So we now have two little chaps who are very proud that their Mummy and Daddy love them soooooo much that they risk life and limb to make sure they are going to survive their holiday.
I am a wee bit concerned for the Moggies as the road at the front is busy and they are used to sitting in the middle of their cul-de-sac.
Watch this space, I am sure there will be some 'funnies' to relate later.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

I crochetted a handbag for one aged aunt, black and white, and she showed off to second aged aunt, result, second aged aunt - 92 placed an order for one but it had to be all white to go with a particular outfit. I spend literally weeks on this bag, (pic below) crochetted the shape, threaded satin ribbon all the way through it, lined it with white silk with pink rosebuds on, made a wallet for the inside, magnetic closure, clear handles, white flower on the front, are you getting the picture. Good.
First aged aunt delivered it today and the conversation went something like this.
"I've brought your handbag Lily"
Lily "What handbag"
Madge "Your white one from Carol"
Lily "What do I want a handbag for, I've got cupboards full of them"

I can't even get it back to sell cos she kept it. If I didn't laugh I think I would cry.