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Friday, 26 February 2010

Sue and Peter

Life is such an amazing thing
Never let it get dull
Keep the interest going
Live it to the full.

I know Sue of old
Peter I’ve yet to meet
She’ll keep him on his toes,
Her energy can’t be beat.

May you have eternal youth,
Don't let yourselves grow old
May you both be successful
In whatever cause you hold.

We raise our glasses for you
In celebration to,
The day you will be married
Let love shine down on you.

My lovely SIL is getting married to Peter tomorrow. Sadly I won't be there as I still have an infection. I know it is going to be a lovely day. Sue and Peter are past retirement age but do not understand the meaning of the word "retire" so lead very full lives. I hope to meet Peter sometime this summer if I can catch them when they are in England.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Twenty feet outside my back gate.

I always feel the sight of these is a promise. Spring is only round the corner and Winter on its way out. I planted a few odd snowdrops in the woods 3 or 4 years ago and they have multiplied beautifully. Now there are large clumps scattered all through the trees together with Crocus which are just coming into flower, daffodils and narcissus, all of which are in bud just waiting to burst into bloom. I will post a picture of them at their best if I can.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Solitary Confinement?

I have had a chest infection now for nearly 4 weeks, altogether now, aaaaah.
I only mention it because I haven't visited the home in which my Stepfather lives in fear of passing on any germs. I do feel very guilty not seeing him for that length of time as we usually go once or twice a week. He is 91, his next birthday is June. I didn't want to be responsible for him being ill at this stage in his life.
The home have 'phoned, he has a chest infection and they have called a Doctor in. Now I do feel guilty, although realize he could have caught it from anyone. I have been this afternoon and, bless him, don't really think he knew I was there or even who I was. Thats my weekend sorted, I will take my knitting and sewing and sit with him for the day tomorrow. Even if he doesn't know its me there he will have a sense of someone being in the room and I think thats important.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thomas and Isabel

My Daughter had two cats, Thomas and Isabel, litter brother and sister and very quickly shortened to Tom and Izzy. Sadly Izzy met with an accident at the tender age of 5 which left Tom absolutely bereft. On the advice of The Cat Protection League another kitten was procured as a companion for Tom. She is absolutely nuts and a close relative of Houdini, being the best escapologist we have come across in a long time. Solely due to her antics she has now been named Dizzy. She can get from one end of the house to the other without touching the floor, and most times without being seen as she moves that quick.

Oh Dizzy,
In a tizzy,
Moves so quick
She is so busy.
A flash of Grey,
Get out of the way.
Come what may
She'll get you today.
The dynamic Geek
Who we thought was meek.
From the green eyed streak
Sanctuary we seek,

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Back to being Derby and Joan again.

6.30 p.m. and all quiet. After 4 days of children, grown-ups and dogs the sudden silence is deafening. Lots of beds to strip, washing up to do but it can all wait till tomorrow. (Got to fill the day somehow.).
In reality it won't be too bad as we have the twins for the next two days and then the job of carpet cleaning that I have been promising the house for the past few weeks.
Enough of all this domesticity.

They descended like a flock of birds,
Lots of flapping of tongues.
Stampeded through like Elephant herds,
Even the toilet pongs.

Drastic reduction of food stock,
Contents of fruit bowl gone.
Plughole in kitchen sink blocked,
200 decibels - whats that awful song.

We've forgotten what its like to be them,
To be young and vital and free,
Without worrying about where or when,
Or getting old like him and me.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Poor Old Gran. Ugh.

Well, there you go. A housefull of guests and I go down with a chest infection. It could only happen to me. I desperately wanted to be fit and healthy to enjoy the grandchildren I don't see so often. Instead, I am a poor old Grandma who should be in bed. I am not just sick, I am sick at heart. They have gone swiming today and normally I would be there in the pool with them.
What makes me even more angry is that the Doctor refused me antibiotics last week on the assumption that I just had a cold. Had he sounded my chest I could have been clear by now and swinging from the tree branches with all the kids, 4 from Devon and 2 who live locally. Now it will be at least another 3 days before I feel much improvement and they will be wending their way back home.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A touch of nostalgia

Tomorrow my lovely Granddaughter will be a teenager. I bet she couldn’t wait. It set me thinking about what my favourite age was.
Wonderful 17.
For many reasons that was the age I most enjoyed. I met a boy who had a car, a rare commodity in those days as I lived in ‘the sticks’ where the last bus home from town was 9 pm weekdays and Saturdays. None on Sundays. A car spelt freedom.
Stilletto heals which were banned from beyond the front door because they pierced the lino and carpets of the day. Waspie belts. Durndle skirts. C & A’s.
We had to catch a train to Leicester for our nearest C & A, get off at the Midland Station and walk a quarter of a mile up the road to the shop, spend 2/3 hours in there then catch the train home. Never went anywhere else in Leicester, just C&A's.
It was a couple of years or so before Rock and Roll became ‘the thing’ but we still knew how to enjoy ourselves.
It sounds old hat now but we had a dance every week at the Village Hall, did all the old dances like Gay Gordons, The Lancers, etc., We thought we were being really daring and modern then. How things change.

Monday, 8 February 2010

I have acquired a Drop Spindle and want to learn to spin my own yarn. This craft seems to need little space and is easily transported. Just what I want. I usually read on long journeys in the car when OH is driving but now...... Probably another thing to irritate him.
I am now learning about and searching for, yarn to spin. I find there is a lot to learn about yarns. I need a yarn to be very versatile until I become proficient when, hopefully, I will be knowledgably able to pick and choose. I am very open to suggestions in this field as I know zilch about the subject at this point in time.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Visitors from Devon

I had some wonderful news today. It is my Granddaughters 13th birthday on the 11th so I telephoned to see if they were doing anything special to celebrate her becoming a teenager. No.1 Son answered the phone and I put my question to him. His reply was "Well, actually, yes Mum we are. We're all comming up to you on the 13th". There are six of them. I have to get a few beds aired and get linen down from the attic. I am already worrying about what to feed them all on and sort activities out for the children although as Adam is nearly 16 he can sort himself out. Charlie is 5and George is 9.
I also have the twins, 4, sleeping that weekend as their parents are in Kent. It will be a real houseful, or should I say bungalow full. I had planned to shampoo my carpets this weekend, it might be wiser to leave it for now.
I never asked how long they are staying. I believe it is half-term so it could be several days. Ah, bliss.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Me this morning

I’ve patted the bed all over, the bedside cabinet too. Run my hands carefully along the window ledge, gently felt along the top of the dressing table with no success.

Finally, dropping to my hands and knees I begin to search the floor inch by inch discovering yesterdays newspaper, a ball point pen, a cold hot-water bottle, one dirty pop sock and assorted coloured fluff.

At last my other half speaks. “If you’re looking for your glasses they’re on top of your head.”

Sad Day

Went to do my Volunteer bit this morning and, sadly, I had lost one of my elderly ladies. She was a lovely soul, and had been coming to Daycare for some while during which time we had gleaned a little of her history. Bless her, she hadn't had an easy life but had managed to soldier on and always had a smile. Her best friend also comes on a Monday so we all felt a little bereft today. She had chronic breathing problems due to asthma and other age related illnesses. I like to think she has gone to a better place.