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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I have recently been asking myself

some soul searching questions.The only thing I have learned is that there are no 'over night' solutions. In my case, time is the hiccup. It all takes too much of it. I have an impatient nature. I need immediate response or I worry and too much of that means less sleep and we all know the knock-on of that problem. Last night was such an occasion when my brain was racing at 100 knots the same lines over and over. Eventually I sat up and wrote them down. Finally got up at the crack of dawn and came down stairs clutching the piece of scribble, this is more or less what I wrote.

Three little letters one small word,
Makes the loudest noise ever heard.
Dropped gently into a silent place,
Will create ripples far out in space.

Politically, in excessive use,
By Opposition, as an excuse.
Educators when lecturing,
Preventing brain cells stagnating.

In legal Inns it’s a defence,
Sometimes nothing else makes sense.
The first thing a child says
To everything in early days

Is “Why”.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

What price good health.

A very recent occurance at home has made me take stock of a few things that we all take for granted. In fact, some of us can go through our lives without thinking too deeply about the whys and wherefores of our day to day existance. Me for one.
I think my philosophy is probably "What you don't know won't worry you". How many times I have wished I hadn't been privvy to some snippet of information? Usually from the offspring who will share their problems working on the old adage "A problem shared is a problem halved"
I digress. I am also about to follow that old adage and dump my thoughts on you now.

What price good health

We walk, we run,
We feel, we see.
We dream of things
That ought to be.

We take for granted
That we speak
And that we’re strong,
And yet we’re meek.

At end of eve
Another day
The morrow comes
Without our say.

These wonders Are.
We never ask.
We just assume
They’re here to last.

Are they? Will they?
We ask away.
And do we wonder
Whom we pay?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Monday, 16 May 2011

I.'m maudling today

It must be my age.I went to do my volunteering work and one of my lovely elderly ladies has deteriorated rather quickly. Her memory is now so short she has no sooner said the words than she has forgotten them. She has had a great life, done so many wonderful things but, sadly, no longer has any recollection of them. Very soon we won't be able to take her as we don't have the right facilities to cope with her. I feel so sorry for this much loved lady and her family.

Getting old ungracefully

I regularly deal with
Problems due to age
Altziemers and Dementia,
In every difficult stage.

So sad for the sufferer,
Who has no peace of mind.
Frustrating for the family,
Struggling to be kind.

Some people reach the stage,
When no longer safe at home.
They’ve either become violent
Or always on the roam.

It finally comes, that dreadful choice
Decisions must be made
Heartbreak for the family,
Consequences weighted

Guilt is the biggest factor
Families suffer from.
How can we convince them
The best has now been done.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Where my original crafting inspirations come from

My crafting knowledge and inspiration has been passed down through the female line of my family. I still hear from an aged aunt today the story of how my Grandmother hand sewed little dresses for her, she is now 86. These were hand sewn from silk shirts which Jewish tailor Great Uncle Harry passed on when he had finished with them. And how, twelve at a time, they could be seen fluttering in the breeze on the washing line much to the chagrin of the neighbours. We are talking about late 1920’s when silk was a fabric for the wealthy.
Another tale of the parachute silk of WW2 and the dance this same aunt attended wearing it, in a slightly different form of course. My Grandmother was, apparently, an amazing seamstress and nothing was beyond her capabilities where needle and cotton was concerned. I never knew her, she died long before I was born but, strangely, I am told I resemble her in appearance as well as ways. I do wonder if she knows that I am trying to keep her work going.
These stories and others like them have become my family folklore.
Apart from two very elderly Aunts, one of whom still sews and stitches tapestry at 91, there is only myself and one other girl cousin left and she is not into crafts so I am desperately trying to pass these gifts on to my Grandchildren and only one of these is a girl . She will do crafts…..

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A protective covering for my new sideboard.

I am hoping that this is a successful way of 'Grandchildproofing' for my new dining furniture. It should have two functions. 1, Protection and 2, Nag free environment. I am sure you all understand me. lol.
Bad pic. It is the same width all the way down, not tapering as looks on the photo. Honest, Would I lie to you?

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hair today Gone tomorrow.

My lovely ancient aunt decided, when her hairdresser of 50 years long (I think she is now 70) finally retired that she needed a wig.
For my sins I shuddered thinking all sorts of mean thoughts like "It will look awful". "She will put it on crooked", "She will have her own whispy hair sticking out at the sides". "It'll look like a wig" etc.,
Well, the wig lady came and tried several on her in the bedroom and she settled on one for a very reasonable sum, I was surprised how little it cost.
When she finally emerged for a family parade I was astounded It had knocked ten years off her 86 and looked absolutely lovely. She had chosen well, it was grey with darker grey at the back, quite short and bouncy. I am now wondering if the same thing will knock ten years off me!!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Wild Life in the garden.

For years we have had cats, a cert for deterring birds from the garden. The last cat, Tom, died a year ago and it was then we decided no more pets as it hurts too much when you loose them. We still have Rosie but she is fourteen this year.
I have been trying to encourage the small birds back, Pigeons are always here. I thought it would be an easy task but it seems they have long memories. lol.
I have finally managed to tempt some on a regular basis and there is one Starling in particular that tests me on a daily basis.

A New Pal?

A little bird sits on my fence,
He stares at me, quiet, intense.
We have a fair regard you see,
I’m careful of him, he’s wary of me.

That beady black eye never leaves my face,
Whilst nuts and fruit on his table I place.
I slowly retire well out of his sight,
Allowing him plenty of space for flight.

He settled down to breakfast in style,
Which is what he was waiting for all that while.
We play the same game nearly every day
If I can keep the pigeons at bay.

Sunday, 1 May 2011


I know someone who has been trying to make up their mind whether to experience car booting first hand so I am offering her this piece of advice.

Car Boot Experience

We arrived at the crack of dawn
Wishing we’d stayed in bed that morn.
Muffled in coats and scarves
Nagging our other halves
First job, spot the tea van
Second, spy the toilet pan
Must get down and unload
Glad they got the field mowed
Watch out for the professional scrounger
And the strange stall lounger
Who buys nothing but hangs about
Hoping to get something for nowt
We’re finally ready to face crowds
Whilst the sky fills with black clouds
Am I the only one standing in the rain?
I’m certainly not coming here again.