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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I have finally completed the memory cushion for Sue and Peter.

Monday, 22 March 2010

86th Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Aunty's 86th birthday on Saturday with a delicious Chinese meal.
It was one of those occasions where everything went perfectly. The resturaunt opened its doors early for us so we could take the children. Lovely table in the window, waiting staff so friendly and nice and the whole evening was a great success. More importantly, Aunty had a ball.
A couple of pictures. Twins blowing her candles out which was confusing for them as they were the ones that kept relighting themselves, and Aunty herself.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

A new member.

Something nice to lift our depression and take my blog out of the doldrums.

An arrival is expected,
A blessed little mite.
A tiny human being
Coming here tonight.

Something for us to treasure,
To nurture and adore.
To fold into our family,
Keep safe for evermore.

We cry when they are hurting,
Their antics make us laugh.
We worry when they are absent,
Can’t keep them by the hearth.

When finally standing in the Church,
To hear their wedding vows.
You can’t believe you’ve survived,
All those terrible teenage rows.

Friday, 12 March 2010

A Death in the Family

I believe I am a Christian by deed rather than belief. I try to live according to the rules of Christianity and will continue to until someone comes up with, what I consider, better, but when a family member passes one tends to do some soul searching. Is there a heaven? Science will tell us 'No'. When you consider the enormous magnitude of the universe, should you be able to imagine anything so huge, in comparison we are less than minute bugs. There could be hundreds of such universes out there. The vastness of it all could indicate that our lifespan is speck on the overall plan. Are we so insignificant? Is it a waste of time to hurry and scurry, Plan for a future, worry about everything, or is it easier not to think about it and continue to live our lives in a vacuum with blinkers on. If anyone has a definitive answer I hope they share it with me.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Aunts birthday this month. This is the verse I have written in her card which was made by Tracy of Sunrise Cards. I would put a picture on here but don't know how yet. Sad arn't I.

This is a whole new world for you,
Unlike what you’re used to.
Technology rules us now
We used to converse, wow.
Write letters to each other.
Meet one another.
Walk into town,
Wear a skirt or gown.
Safe cycling to work,
And when there didn’t shirk.
In many ways life has improved,
Tho’ some values got lost in the move.
An eighty something birthday must
In these times of do or bust,
Make one wonder how it all came about
But we who know you don’t doubt,

You are a real twenty first century Aunty

Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

As I sit at his bedside sewing or knitting to help pass the time I am also remembering all the events in his life that I know about, either by word of mouth or my own memories. He has had a long life and not uneventful. Not many folk know that he was on the beaches at Dunkirk, something he didn't talk about