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Monday, 26 July 2010

Update on the little kitten.

Dizzy has been in her new home for a week now and has settled very well. They have one small child and don't believe in letting children use animals as toys. Dizzy has taken a particular liking to the man of the house and they are delighted with her. I have telephoned a couple of times to make sure that all is still OK and to keep lines of communication open in case they wish to return her but they assure me that they will never part with her. So 'All's Well that Ends Well'.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Things have moved on since I last blogged. We appear to have become foster parents to the little cat pictured earlier. She has settled down quite a lot and is a joy. Rosie, the dog, has been very tollerant of her skittish ways, all is well with the world.
I still have'nt finished the quilt. It is far too warm to have across ones knee to hand quilt and it's too big to go through my machine, even rolling it with cycle clips. They will have to wait for it I am afraid.
If I remember my history correct it is traditionally a winter job anyway. They used to do the patchwork in the summer and quilt in the winter as it kept one warm whilst working on it. Thats my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Sadly I had my purse stolen last week. Like most of us ladies I had my life tucked inside. Driving licence, bank cards, loyalty cards by the hundred, bus pass, rail pass, leisure pass, gym pass, and on and on and on. Half of those cards no one could use so I hung on before cancelling in case they threw away what they didnt want and they were retrieved. No such luck. Of course I cancelled the important ones but what a mess, I have been all week trying to get them all replaced one way or another. There was no actual cash in it and I stopped the cars before they could get any so, as far as they were concerned, it was a complete waste. They gained nothing but caused me a lot of agro. Drink, drugs and gambling have a lot to answer for cos you can bet your boots that one of these adictions were at the root of it.