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Saturday, 30 January 2010

A Wedding Invitation

I have a Sister-in-saw of whom I am very fond. We rarely meet up these days, the main reasons are distance and that she travels the world frequently. However, I digress. She is getting married. Her and her partner have been together for several years and, having tried it, decided to formalise it. So, to a wedding I am going.
Sue is a Doctor of Anthropology. She is also a founder member of Dramatherapy and The Association of Dramatherapists. Very broadly it is a form of using the arts as a therapy which she teaches worldwide and has done for many years. Her endless energy puts me to shame. Her internet sites make very interesting reading, do have a look.
I am off to plan a crafty wedding gift which I know she will appreciate far more than a bought one. will take you into her Rowan Studio
or put Drsuejennings into your search engine for multiple choices. is a very informative site too.

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  1. Hey Carol - what a lovely message for me! Please take out the ex as we are still the same really.

    Peter and I met Internet dating - what advice? Just email me!