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Friday, 12 March 2010

A Death in the Family

I believe I am a Christian by deed rather than belief. I try to live according to the rules of Christianity and will continue to until someone comes up with, what I consider, better, but when a family member passes one tends to do some soul searching. Is there a heaven? Science will tell us 'No'. When you consider the enormous magnitude of the universe, should you be able to imagine anything so huge, in comparison we are less than minute bugs. There could be hundreds of such universes out there. The vastness of it all could indicate that our lifespan is speck on the overall plan. Are we so insignificant? Is it a waste of time to hurry and scurry, Plan for a future, worry about everything, or is it easier not to think about it and continue to live our lives in a vacuum with blinkers on. If anyone has a definitive answer I hope they share it with me.

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