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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Aunts birthday this month. This is the verse I have written in her card which was made by Tracy of Sunrise Cards. I would put a picture on here but don't know how yet. Sad arn't I.

This is a whole new world for you,
Unlike what you’re used to.
Technology rules us now
We used to converse, wow.
Write letters to each other.
Meet one another.
Walk into town,
Wear a skirt or gown.
Safe cycling to work,
And when there didn’t shirk.
In many ways life has improved,
Tho’ some values got lost in the move.
An eighty something birthday must
In these times of do or bust,
Make one wonder how it all came about
But we who know you don’t doubt,

You are a real twenty first century Aunty

Happy Birthday.

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