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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Animal Antics.

I have neglected my blog for which I am sorry. I will try harder in future. My excuse is that I have been busy looking after children. I really don't remember it being this exhausting and time consuming. How did I manage?
As said children are away on holiday with their parents we are caring for their pets, two cats. Tom, who is about 6 and Dizzy who is not a year yet and still very much a kitten. We have a 12 year old dog called Rosie who is, fortunately, used to being ruled by felines.
I wonder, do you need three guesses as to which animal is 'The Boss'. She has commandeered the dogs bed, guards the cat flap to prevent Tom coming in for food. Shouts the loudest for attention and is sooooo nosey she nearly jumped into the hot oven last night in an effort to see what I was doing. As fast as I have planted Lobelia this morning she has dug them up again whilst the dog and other cat calmly lay side by side on the lawn watching her. Grr. I eventually won by getting the hose out, it turns out she definately dosen't like water. Will I survive another week?

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