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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Long Hot Summer

Water Butts are all empty again for the second time this summer. I hesitate to use the hose as I am expecting to hear that there is a ban soon and also we are on a water meter so could work out expensive. I have stopped putting water down the sink, instead I throw it over the kitchen garden, unless it contains chemicals of course. Please don't think I am complaining, I love it as much as anyone else although I sometimes wish it wasn't all or nothing.
Acquired a tent for the Grandkids, Hubby now complaining about yellow patches on the lawn. I told him it wasn't just to look at, it was to enjoy, and them kids certainly enjoyed it. It is only the size of a pocket handkerchief anyway which means that the yellow patch is almost all over so if I find something to turn the last bits yellow he perhaps won't notice the difference. Hey ho, such is life.


  1. Maybe you could spray paint the grass green, where the tent has been...!

    Backyard camping is so fun! Do you have mosquitoes in England?

  2. And here we are in Texas, having monsoons...the online weather report for tomorrow actually says "tons" of rain on Friday.

  3. Omigosh if only we had a rain water collection system in place!! We'd be set for the next couple of years, just from rain this past week! We've been threatening for years....