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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Well, the weekend went reasonably smoothly. The one thing that stands out was the Bar-B-Q. I decided that we would have one. We have a chimnier (don't know the correct spelling) It is a terracotta fire with a chimney. I always use wood on my Bar-B-Q's as it is in plentiful supply outside the back gate, so took the boys wood gathering. They were puzzled when I said what it was for but, nevertheless enjoyed collecting it all, it was a fun game. Time came to light the fire which I did in the usual way, paper, sticks and matches. They were absolutely mesmerised. Of course, they live in a very modern house, no fireplace. No garden for bonfires. etc., and were amazed when I proceeded to throw food into it. (Daddy has a nice clean gas one). Now they want to go sticking and have a Bar-B-Q everytime they come.

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  1. WHAT FUN! I have never heard of anyone cooking in a chiminea, but heck, why not! Great for toasting marshmallows, too.

    "Sticking" - what a great term! I think I'll use it with my grandkids, too, if you don't mind. We gather pecan sticks for smoking meat on the grill, but have never thought of calling it "sticking." I like it!

    We had a campfire once with our granddaughter, and she has never forgotten it. She frequently asks for a fire when she comes out. She made one last time - got a pile of hay and put the flashlight down in it (turned on)...very effective. =)

    Happy Thursday Carol!