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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Local Council.

My neighbour a couple of doors down was outraged at the state of our pavements, she has only recently moved here. She was right to be angry, they are lethal. A fair smattering of people on invalid scooters ride this way and they are so uneven that one overturned a couple of months ago.
Well, she rallied a few of us together, canvassed the local Councillor and organised us to canvas the road (Over 400 houses) with petitions to sign. She did a great deal towards getting promises for repairs and traffic calming measures looked at.
For the last few days Council workmen have been working their way laboriously along this road repairing all the damaged pavements and today they reached our house. Whilst my hubby was chatting to them they received a phone call telling them to stop the job immediately and go elsewhere. The workmen explained to hubby that they would do us and next door and that would be it. Job finished.
Isn't it ironic and sad that the very person who worked tirelessly to get this work done was the very next house due to be done. I can't begin to imagine how she feels.

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