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Monday, 26 April 2010

The Lurgy

I have gone down with the "Lurgy" again, cough, sniff, sneeze, you name it I am doing it. So much for all the VitC and MultiVit tabs I have thrown down my throat this winter not to mention all the fresh fruit with it.
There have been several reports recently regarding the validity of this stuff and I am beginning to believe it so down the loo they all go and me back to the drawing board.
There must be an answer somewhere, this is the third time this season and it has long ceased to be acceptable.
Diet I hear you all shout. I consider I eat sensibly, not big on meat but lots of fish, eggs and cheese. Love veg of all kind. (And buscuits and cake). Drink lots of milk and water. Maybe a little short on excercise so will amend that one, the dog can go for two walks a day instead of the statutory one.
I spend a fair amount of time outdoors or in my greenhouse and try to avoid people-busy places when these germs are about.
Having said all that I am open to all suggestions except the one about being "Put down.


  1. I know how you feel, went down with a nasty case of flu must be about 6 weeks now, temps 102, aches, cough etc. Still have the cough and sound like an old man in the morning. Perhaps this is the governments way to kill us all off before we reach pensionable age, thus saving lots of money, lol

  2. Hope you feel better soon Carol!!!

  3. SALT WATER!!! Mix a nice saline solution using sterile it and saturate a cotton ball, then lie on your back on the bed or sofa, with your head hanging over just a bit. Squeeze the cotton ball a little to get the saline solution to drizzle into each nostril. It may sting some, but it will heal your sinuses, help loosen the grunge up in really is helpful. Some people use neti pots, but I prefer the messy cotton ball method. Or you can even get a medicine dropper at the pharmacist's...

    And nothing in the world works better than codeine cough syrup! Will your doctor prescribe it?