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Saturday, 10 April 2010

I crochetted a handbag for one aged aunt, black and white, and she showed off to second aged aunt, result, second aged aunt - 92 placed an order for one but it had to be all white to go with a particular outfit. I spend literally weeks on this bag, (pic below) crochetted the shape, threaded satin ribbon all the way through it, lined it with white silk with pink rosebuds on, made a wallet for the inside, magnetic closure, clear handles, white flower on the front, are you getting the picture. Good.
First aged aunt delivered it today and the conversation went something like this.
"I've brought your handbag Lily"
Lily "What handbag"
Madge "Your white one from Carol"
Lily "What do I want a handbag for, I've got cupboards full of them"

I can't even get it back to sell cos she kept it. If I didn't laugh I think I would cry.


  1. oh >_< of those days...
    I like your bag, it's a really pretty lovely bag!

  2. That did make me giggle!!!! Thankyou so much for such a fantastic blog post :)


  3. That's a great story - so funny and so poignant!

    Your bags are wonderful! I am enjoying your blog!