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Saturday, 16 April 2011

A new experience for the youngsters????

The Grandchildren came over for the night and it co-incided with Grandads rare 'night out with the boys' so great excitement because they were going to give Grandad a lift to his Diners Club, and to start his evening have a quick lemonade and bag of crisps with him.
OH doesnt drink so two pints and he is out for the count, and never gets agressive, only silly and sleepy.


Grandad doesn't drink much beer,
Or gin or whisky either.
It goes straight to his head I fear
And then he starts to mither.

Grandma says he has one pint,
And then he's anybody's.
The only problem is, we find,
He wants to have more toddies.

It makes him very happy,
He giggles quite a lot.
He's usually such a quiet chappy.
til he's drunk a tot.

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