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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

This is cheating, just slightly.

I promised myself (and others) to write a ditty each week but this weeks ditty has already been aired on The Craft Forum. Nevertheless, I am posting it here. It came about as a result of a conversation involving most of the members of 'a certain age' about wearing a purple hat. Ultimately the subject evolved and deteriorated to red hats and patent shoes. This was my offering.

The Lady In The Red Hat.

“Will the lady in the red hat please….”
The voice faltered and got lost on the breeze.
It cracked and continued with a wheeze
“Leave the men alone and not tease”.

She was young enough to be pert with them
She was old enough to be curt them.
Mature enough not to hurt them
Wise enough not to flirt with them.

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