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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Trinity Yard School, Ghana

Anna, my daughter-in-law has just spent two weeks as a volunteer at Trinity Yard School in Ghana. Her visit created such a lasting impression that she is already saving to take the family with her next time.
Knowing I am a crafter and have a love of fabrics she brought some sample pieces of their native cloth back.
It is called Kente and its origins lie with the Akan people of Ghana and go back some three thousand years. Kente is a visual representation of history, philosophy, ethics, oral literature, religious belief, social values and political thought. Originally, its use was reserved for their royalty and limited to special social and sacred functions.
I wish you could see and feel this silken fabric, it is amazing as is the folklore behind it.

I have a few more pictures of this fabric on Flickr.

If anyone is interested and want to learn more about this cloth here is the link.
I am also the proud possessor of a DVD with hundreds of photographs on but am unable to download them at the moment. I will make them available to you all when I can find someone to help with the techno bit. (Being the technophobic person that I am)

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  1. Love the purple colourway, so beautifully done