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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Summer on its way, hooray.

Butterflies, butterflies, flutter by,
Your wings spread out to dry
In silhouette against the sky
Your beauty makes my heart sigh.

With your companion, the Cabbage White,
Creating such a summer sight
With gold’s and oranges so bright
Shimmering in the noon sunlight.

In and out the Buddleia bush
So many of you in such a rush
You settle on the flowers so lush,
And in that time a peaceful hush.

Referring back to my previous post my DIL also sent me this card with a letter on it. Her friend had hand painted these cards, one was butterflies and the other was dragonflies. They were so lovely, eco friendly too from recycled stuff. I have taken a pic of one for you to see. Sadly you can't see the real detail as I am a very middling photographer.
If you want to know any more details, just ask me.

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