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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More ditties.

We have just finished an attic conversion. It has seemed to take for ages but does give us space to sleep the Grandchildren and Auntie from time to time.
Last night was our first time sleeping there. Strange. Very quiet as it opens up to the back of the house so no traffic noise, and the floor creeked and groaned. It was hot too, we are not used to that, plus the dog refused to go up stairs and went into panic mode. She is nearly 14 now and has fogotten that we used to have stairs.
My Daughter, tongue in cheek, said we would end up carrying her up them. I'll shoot the first person that tells her we did. lol.
As I couldn't sleep I came up with this ditty.

The attic was once a mysterious place,
Dark corners and cobwebs, a big empty space.
Slowly as the years rolled on
The empty feeling up there was gone.

Corners still dark filled up with tat
The mice and spiders had fun with that.
Came the time for a loft conversion,
So cleaning it out was such an exertion.

Followed by rubble, brick dust and noise,
As on the brink of a bedroom we poise.
The ensuite is “cute” with one six foot wall,
The suite you would use if you’re only small.

After much fall outs, frustrations and tears,
The beds went through windows and not up the stairs.
A beautiful, costly carpet I bought,
But when it arrived it was one stair too short.

Finally friends I can now reveal,
The view from the window was the only appeal.
They start the kitchen in a weeks time,
I must be bonkers, or out of my mind.


  1. My grandkids go upstairs here all the time, until it's bed time, and then they won't go alone - what is it about an upstairs that gets creeky and spooky at night!?

    I love your "ditty!" We also have trouble getting furniture up and down our narrow stairs.

  2. Great ditty, very visual, I'm following now and I'd love to hear more.

    Jan x

  3. LOl I'm sorry I have the picture in my head of you carrying you dog up the stairs as she looks over your shoulder in fright.
    Wish I was good at Cartoons.