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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I have recently been asking myself

some soul searching questions.The only thing I have learned is that there are no 'over night' solutions. In my case, time is the hiccup. It all takes too much of it. I have an impatient nature. I need immediate response or I worry and too much of that means less sleep and we all know the knock-on of that problem. Last night was such an occasion when my brain was racing at 100 knots the same lines over and over. Eventually I sat up and wrote them down. Finally got up at the crack of dawn and came down stairs clutching the piece of scribble, this is more or less what I wrote.

Three little letters one small word,
Makes the loudest noise ever heard.
Dropped gently into a silent place,
Will create ripples far out in space.

Politically, in excessive use,
By Opposition, as an excuse.
Educators when lecturing,
Preventing brain cells stagnating.

In legal Inns it’s a defence,
Sometimes nothing else makes sense.
The first thing a child says
To everything in early days

Is “Why”.

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