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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Wild Life in the garden.

For years we have had cats, a cert for deterring birds from the garden. The last cat, Tom, died a year ago and it was then we decided no more pets as it hurts too much when you loose them. We still have Rosie but she is fourteen this year.
I have been trying to encourage the small birds back, Pigeons are always here. I thought it would be an easy task but it seems they have long memories. lol.
I have finally managed to tempt some on a regular basis and there is one Starling in particular that tests me on a daily basis.

A New Pal?

A little bird sits on my fence,
He stares at me, quiet, intense.
We have a fair regard you see,
I’m careful of him, he’s wary of me.

That beady black eye never leaves my face,
Whilst nuts and fruit on his table I place.
I slowly retire well out of his sight,
Allowing him plenty of space for flight.

He settled down to breakfast in style,
Which is what he was waiting for all that while.
We play the same game nearly every day
If I can keep the pigeons at bay.

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