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Monday, 16 May 2011

I.'m maudling today

It must be my age.I went to do my volunteering work and one of my lovely elderly ladies has deteriorated rather quickly. Her memory is now so short she has no sooner said the words than she has forgotten them. She has had a great life, done so many wonderful things but, sadly, no longer has any recollection of them. Very soon we won't be able to take her as we don't have the right facilities to cope with her. I feel so sorry for this much loved lady and her family.

Getting old ungracefully

I regularly deal with
Problems due to age
Altziemers and Dementia,
In every difficult stage.

So sad for the sufferer,
Who has no peace of mind.
Frustrating for the family,
Struggling to be kind.

Some people reach the stage,
When no longer safe at home.
They’ve either become violent
Or always on the roam.

It finally comes, that dreadful choice
Decisions must be made
Heartbreak for the family,
Consequences weighted

Guilt is the biggest factor
Families suffer from.
How can we convince them
The best has now been done.

1 comment:

  1. What a very emotive poem - sums up the condition and its consequences very well :( A very difficult subject, handled very well.

    HT x