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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hair today Gone tomorrow.

My lovely ancient aunt decided, when her hairdresser of 50 years long (I think she is now 70) finally retired that she needed a wig.
For my sins I shuddered thinking all sorts of mean thoughts like "It will look awful". "She will put it on crooked", "She will have her own whispy hair sticking out at the sides". "It'll look like a wig" etc.,
Well, the wig lady came and tried several on her in the bedroom and she settled on one for a very reasonable sum, I was surprised how little it cost.
When she finally emerged for a family parade I was astounded It had knocked ten years off her 86 and looked absolutely lovely. She had chosen well, it was grey with darker grey at the back, quite short and bouncy. I am now wondering if the same thing will knock ten years off me!!!!!!

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  1. I know when I allow the grey to grow in I begin to look a lot older. I'd love a funky wig or two for some of my wacky days.