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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Back to being Derby and Joan again.

6.30 p.m. and all quiet. After 4 days of children, grown-ups and dogs the sudden silence is deafening. Lots of beds to strip, washing up to do but it can all wait till tomorrow. (Got to fill the day somehow.).
In reality it won't be too bad as we have the twins for the next two days and then the job of carpet cleaning that I have been promising the house for the past few weeks.
Enough of all this domesticity.

They descended like a flock of birds,
Lots of flapping of tongues.
Stampeded through like Elephant herds,
Even the toilet pongs.

Drastic reduction of food stock,
Contents of fruit bowl gone.
Plughole in kitchen sink blocked,
200 decibels - whats that awful song.

We've forgotten what its like to be them,
To be young and vital and free,
Without worrying about where or when,
Or getting old like him and me.

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