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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Poor Old Gran. Ugh.

Well, there you go. A housefull of guests and I go down with a chest infection. It could only happen to me. I desperately wanted to be fit and healthy to enjoy the grandchildren I don't see so often. Instead, I am a poor old Grandma who should be in bed. I am not just sick, I am sick at heart. They have gone swiming today and normally I would be there in the pool with them.
What makes me even more angry is that the Doctor refused me antibiotics last week on the assumption that I just had a cold. Had he sounded my chest I could have been clear by now and swinging from the tree branches with all the kids, 4 from Devon and 2 who live locally. Now it will be at least another 3 days before I feel much improvement and they will be wending their way back home.

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