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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thomas and Isabel

My Daughter had two cats, Thomas and Isabel, litter brother and sister and very quickly shortened to Tom and Izzy. Sadly Izzy met with an accident at the tender age of 5 which left Tom absolutely bereft. On the advice of The Cat Protection League another kitten was procured as a companion for Tom. She is absolutely nuts and a close relative of Houdini, being the best escapologist we have come across in a long time. Solely due to her antics she has now been named Dizzy. She can get from one end of the house to the other without touching the floor, and most times without being seen as she moves that quick.

Oh Dizzy,
In a tizzy,
Moves so quick
She is so busy.
A flash of Grey,
Get out of the way.
Come what may
She'll get you today.
The dynamic Geek
Who we thought was meek.
From the green eyed streak
Sanctuary we seek,


  1. We have a tabby girl that must be a close relative of Dizzy's - she was called Delia when we adopted her, but as that didn't suit her we changed it to Daisy. However, coz she runs around like a mad thing, we call her Ditzy!

    Your poem is great!


  2. Thankyou Jill, your little girl sounds like they could be related. lol but ar'nt they precious.