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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A touch of nostalgia

Tomorrow my lovely Granddaughter will be a teenager. I bet she couldn’t wait. It set me thinking about what my favourite age was.
Wonderful 17.
For many reasons that was the age I most enjoyed. I met a boy who had a car, a rare commodity in those days as I lived in ‘the sticks’ where the last bus home from town was 9 pm weekdays and Saturdays. None on Sundays. A car spelt freedom.
Stilletto heals which were banned from beyond the front door because they pierced the lino and carpets of the day. Waspie belts. Durndle skirts. C & A’s.
We had to catch a train to Leicester for our nearest C & A, get off at the Midland Station and walk a quarter of a mile up the road to the shop, spend 2/3 hours in there then catch the train home. Never went anywhere else in Leicester, just C&A's.
It was a couple of years or so before Rock and Roll became ‘the thing’ but we still knew how to enjoy ourselves.
It sounds old hat now but we had a dance every week at the Village Hall, did all the old dances like Gay Gordons, The Lancers, etc., We thought we were being really daring and modern then. How things change.

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